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Detox Treatment Mauritius

It is not possible to detox the skin since toxins cannot leave the body through the skin. However, the body does eliminate toxins through the kidneys, liver, and immune system. Adopting a skincare routine can help prevent skin damage and remove dead skin cells to promote healthier skin.

Detox treatment Mauritius

This treatment includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation with extractions (removing blackheads and congestion), a high-frequency treatment that kills bacteria that causes pimples, an enzyme mask to break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together.


The treatment comes with some warmth to the treatment site, which can be uncomfortable for some people if their acne is already inflamed and sensitive. Extractions are the biggest process in clearing out any congestion, this is somewhat mild to moderate discomfort and may make you a bit sensitive and teary. Pain tolerance varies.


Erythema (redness of the skin): It will gradually fade during the first few days. Inflammation (swelling): Can last up to 24 hours. Post Facial Purging: you may experience an increase in breakouts in the areas treated. Don't worry - this is a natural part of your body's clearing and renewal process. This process is called purging.


Avoid sun-tanning, spray-tanning, tanning injections, and sun-beds for 4 to 6 weeks before your treatment.


Your skin will feel sensitive and vulnerable right after the treatment. This requires no downtime; therefore, you can resume your daily schedule as normal. It may be considered a “lunch-time facial”, so you may go back to work if you need.

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