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Glutathione IV

Purpose of the Drip :

Detox + natural skin glow + improving texture

Glutathione 1G (1000mg)

1 Session – Rs 7080
5 Sessions – Rs 5400 per Session (Rs 27000)
10 Sessions – Rs 4200 per Sessions (Rs 42000 )

Glutathione 2G (2000mg)

1 Session – Rs 9000
5 Sessions – Rs 7500 per Session (Rs 37500)
10 Sessions – Rs 6300 per Sessions (Rs 63000)

Glutathione 3G (3000mg)

1 Session – Rs 12600
5 Sessions – Rs 10200 per Session (Rs 51000)
10 Sessions – Rs 8700 per Sessions (Rs 87000)

Iv Glutathione Drip In Mauritius

Because of the hoopla around glutathione's anti-melanogenic characteristics, many physicians have used it as a "miracle" drug during therapy for glowing skin and hyperpigmentation, particularly in darker skinned people- thus Glutathione Drip Mauritius came into usage! Intravenous vitamin C and glutathione injection for whitening and detoxification. Vitamin C is indeed an antioxidant that is necessary for collagen and elastin production and stability. Vitamin C can also be used to clean the skin. Glutathione is a naturally occurring liver enzyme that is required by the liver to break down poisons. Whitening shots will make your complexion brighter and clearer over time. This detoxification treatment may also enhance vitality and the immune response. The FDA has not approved whitening injections.

There is no high-quality peer-reviewed published medical journals to support the usage of complicated medications. It is classified as mesotherapy and is highly experimental. However, there are numerous case reports indicating that it works. Regular Glutathione Drip Mauritius treatments will be required for best outcomes. For the first few weeks, once a week. Following that, treatment could be repeated every 2-3 weeks or every 4-6 weeks. Within 1-2 months, you should see results. Avoid excessive sun exposure and wear sunscreen. For the first 1-2 days after surgery, exert force to the Site of injection and ditch activities that could result in damage.

You will begin to feel the effects of the therapy 2-4 weeks after you begin, and we urge that you proceed with additional treatments such as sunscreen and an exfoliator. Other skin treatments include Retin A, hydroquinone, chemical peels, Nuderm, and microdermabrasion. There may be mild ecchymosis or bruising over the glutathione IV Mauritius dermal site for a few days following a therapy session.

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